Jayne Crawford Witt - Artist


     After nearly ten years of mural and decorative painting for History Maker Homes, Designs Delivered and numerous private clients; it was time to bring my own creative thoughts to life.  Inspiration was not hard to find!
     Two main themes emerged.  The first, Religious Imagery, began in answering the question "What does prayer look like"?  Of course it looks different in different religions.  So then, what does prayer look like when I pray, what happens when I pray?  These thoughts led to one of my first pen & ink drawings for the cover of a small publication.  You can find it on my pen & ink page simply titled Prayer.  Many images have flowed since.  It is my way of researching the timeless questions about the soul, why are we here and what is our relationship to God.
     The second theme or inspiration that challenges me is the lush and incredibly beautiful planet we live on.  We live in a society that has become increasingly urban and densely populated.  Nature has always refreshed our soul. My continuing in the trandition of landscspe painting is, I think, even more essential to the viewer than in the past.  The Ozark mountains in Arkansas, Colorado and Texas are my hiking, canoeing and biking territory.  My paintings give the viewer a sense of these wonderful places.
     Thanks for reading this and I hope it gives you an insight into my work!




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